I love Spring!

Not really important to this post, but I’m currently listening to David Cook’s “Little Sparrow” and I must say, he’s good. I’ve never watched Idol, but when I heard he was on I had to cause, dude, I’ve met him. And how many times can you say you have met, kinda know someone on national television? Exactly.

So, it’s really been a week? I thought it’d been maybe 4 or 5 days since I updated, but apparently I really am getting older, cause that time flew by! I now have exactly one week left with my senior students. Ahh! Crazy. Right now I should be grading their rough drafts (of their final essay of the year…which they do not mind reminding me about). However, I am obviously distracting myself. First of all let me say, I’m an idiot. This is their 10th essay for me (over 2 semesters) and I have already read this essay once, and I’ll have to read it again. Why oh why do I have them turn in a sentence outline, rough draft, and final draft? I believe I enjoy the torture.


So, I took out my bike today. It was my day off for running, no real reason, I guess I’m just lazy. So instead of having it be a complete bum day I decided to try the new gel seat cover I got for my bike and actually ride a real bike outside. I take spinning classes, but I haven’t been on a “real bike” in, well, at least a year. It was nice. The seat was awesome. I wasn’t even wearing biking shorts and my butt is fine! I need to get an odometer so I can keep track of my mileage, but outside of that I’m kind of excited about this whole duathlon deal. We have to sign up by next week I think – at least for the cheaper rate – so I guess I’m going to print off the forms and take them home so Dad and I can get signed up.

I’m starting Weight Watchers in May…which I realize now is only 2 days away. The meetings here are on Thursday nights at 6:00. Go figure, same time as spinning class. I don’t know if I’ll just skip spinning for a week to get the initial idea of how things work and then just do it online, or see if I can find another place close by that has meetings. Oh! Looks like they have meetings on Monday’s at 6:00 just about 15 miles from here. Guess that’s where I’ll be. My goal is 40 pounds. That’d be the ultimate goal though. I know 30-35 would be good enough for me, I haven’t been that since 2004. Stupid weight. I am looking forward to more fruits and veggies, though. Hopefully I’ll figure out a way to have a good time with it.

I think I’ve procrastinated the papers long enough. Unfortunately I have to have them done by 8:20 tomorrow morning. Ha, the next paper is on the negatives of standardized testing. That one shouldn’t be too bad. I promise, I’ll try to make the next entry more interesting.

Currently Reading: When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit


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