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I ♥ summer

Even though it was rainy and miserable today, I still ♥ that it’s summer! No work, tons of sand volleyball. Seriously, what else could a girl wish for? So yesterday E and I went bike part shopping. The duathlon is … Continue reading

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Things that suck…

I used to have a list (compiled by myself and some of my friends during my freshman year in college). Our list was titled “Things that Suck,” much to my mother’s dismay. It was so much fun, so here’s a … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

No matter how many times I see this I still think it’s the most hilarious shot. My relatives in all their splendor at our annual “Women’s Retreat” last year.

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Teachers Gone Wild…

Last night was the high school faculty party – the school year is officially over. I just wish I had pictures, cause seriously. My coworkers are great, I knew that ahead of time, but, I’d never seen every single one … Continue reading

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Drunk Teachers

Are a riot. I was the only sober one there (designated driver), and let me tell you…much fun was had. I’ll update on that later. At the moment however, I’ve just purchased a t-shirt to support Susan in her fight … Continue reading

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Or not… Tonight the new teachers went to Bingo Thursdays at the VFW hall. Yes, this is a small town. 🙂 And, yes, there were many “old folk.” I’ve never played bingo, outside of a classroom game. It was fun, … Continue reading

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Seriously, come on…

I don’t know why (maybe I’m just a bitch) but David Archuleta annoys me – his personality, not his voice. I’ll admit, he sings wonderfully, and he will be famous. Maybe it’s just because I teach kids his age, and … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

Caught the kitty in the sink. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.I think it’s closer to her favorite plaything – hair ties!

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Now I can’t back out!

So, I’m officially signed up for the Spring into Summer Duathlon in a couple weeks. Ahhh! Now I’m scared. I know the first 2/3 will be okay, it’s that last run…2 miles…that might just kill me. In other news? Another … Continue reading

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Down 2.4…and I’m not talking about the Stock Market

Oh, such a creative title…I know. ::sigh:: I’m just at the point where my creativity is sapped. Sorry folks! So now that my kids (ie. my senior students) are gone I’m left with almost nothing to do. You’d think I’d … Continue reading

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