Oh Me, Oh My…

So, I’m ashamed to admit that I watch American Idol. Now, you must give me a break when I say that this is the first season I have ever watched. I refused before on principle alone. I mean, come on. All I remember from the beginnings of American Idol were the horrible singers who thought they were good and Simon ripping them to pieces.

Now that I’ve admitted my sins, I must say that I have enjoyed watching it this season. The reason I started watching you may ask? I discovered that David Cook was on, and I happened to “know” him during my freshman year of college at Truman State. He dated my best friend during high school and they dated awhile during our freshman year, too. I distinctly remember that he would not sing in front of all of us, just my friend. Which now I find funny, since, come on…he’s singing on national television. Now, I won’t say I still don’t judge him when he sings, I wasn’t particularly amazed by his performance tonight, but I do believe he’s a pretty darn amazing singer. I guess the reason I sat down to write about American Idol (among other things) tonight is because of the horrid performance of Jason Castro. I haven’t enjoyed his style since the beginning and I feel as if other singers who were better could’ve still been on, instead of him. Another thing that makes me sick on American Idol? The crazy teeny-bopper fans. They’re nuts. They cheer their heads off, it’s distracting. I can’t imagine being David Archuleta up there on that stage with all those girls drooling over him. Seriously girls, gimme a break.

Exciting news (at least to me)! I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting yesterday. I’m going to do this. If there’s one thing I have, it’s discipline. And I’m determined to make this happen. What I really like is that at the beginning they don’t even want you to set an ultimate weight loss goal. They just automatically set one for you at 10% of your body weight. And hey, when I make it there, I know I’ll be motivated to reach my goal. Right now I’m munching on carrots because I’m starving (and holding dinner off) and I realized carrots are 0 points. I’ll be eating a lot of those I feel. Broccoli, too! One thing they’re very strict on though is that you actually eat all the points you’re supposed to, which is good.

Last night after the meeting I went to Aldi and got some great deals (besides the carrots). Strawberries for $0.99, Fuji apples for $0.25/lb! I also had this really awesome Fit ‘n Active southwestern veggie burrito deal for lunch that was yummy! I need to, and I will, keep on this. After a year forcing myself to the gym every week, this is definitely something I can accomplish. šŸ™‚

Currently reading: The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Rings (that’s the first one, right? Cause that’s what I’m reading)


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