Or not…

Tonight the new teachers went to Bingo Thursdays at the VFW hall. Yes, this is a small town. 🙂 And, yes, there were many “old folk.” I’ve never played bingo, outside of a classroom game. It was fun, unfortunately I didn’t win anything. I tell you what, there are sure some dedicated Bingo players. There was one lady there with about 20 bingo markers (am I the only one who didn’t know they had special markers for bingo?) in her special little “bingo bag” that was embroidered and everything. No joke.

::sigh:: So, two years down. Only what, 40 more to go or so? I’m officially done with my 2nd year of teaching, and I can say for sure that there isn’t a single part of me that’s thinking of not continuing. I’ve heard so many times that most teachers don’t make it past 5 years, but I can’t imagine me being one of them. Which is a good thing, cause I have no idea what else I would do. None. Sure, the kids are obnoxious sometimes, but they’re entertaining, too. My old high school counselor used to tell me that teaching kept him young, and I can definitely see that. Plus, I have some pretty amazing co-workers. They’re a pretty energetic group.

One of the local fitness centers is having a “bootcamp” this summer three days a week. My coworker B wants me to do it with her. Ahhh! It’s at six o’clock in the morning! I am so not a morning person. Period. I stay up until about 1:00 most nights, just because I’m an idiot. Seriously. My cat wakes me up many mornings when I’ve slept past all my alarms. And when I say all my alarms I mean: 1 alarm that sits on my dresser so I actually have to get up to turn it off, and then my cell phone which has 5 alarms – all of which I set every night. It’s horrible. I never used to have this problem. If an alarm went off, I was up. But then I discovered the snooze button about 2 years ago and it’s been an uphill battle ever since. Anybody have a cure for this?


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