I ♥ summer

Even though it was rainy and miserable today, I still ♥ that it’s summer! No work, tons of sand volleyball. Seriously, what else could a girl wish for?

So yesterday E and I went bike part shopping. The duathlon is only weeks (ahh!) away, and I am getting nervous. Anyway, I purchased a bike rack for my car. Last time I hauled my bike I took off the front wheel and stuffed it into my tiny Geo Prism. Not a good idea. My headliner is now in tattered, wind-blown pieces. So, bike rack to the rescue! I also made sure to purchase a pump so I don’t have to spend 75 cents to fill up my tire at the local gas station. Seriously? Air costs 75 cents?! Ridiculous. Also on the list: a new helmet. I was wearing my mom’s ancient helmet, it was ginormous.

I’m thinking when I move in with the folks – oh yeah, it’s that time of year again. I’ll still be paying rent here, but I have to live with them to save on gas while my classes are in session. Anyway, I think I’ll bike to town (about 6 miles) to the gym and then bike back. That should help me prepare. Especially since there are quite a few nasty hills on our road. Yay…sarcastically.

I’m going to try and make it to a Weight Watchers meeting in CoMo tomorrow, because I had to miss mine in NH this past Monday. Cross your fingers for me!

Also, I’m kinda excited about a trip to the STL Arch Thursday – hope there’s no bad weather. My brother and his girlfriend are flying into STL and I’m picking them up. His girlfriend wants to check the Arch and I haven’t been in years. Should be fun. Unfortunately it’s $10 (!!), but if I remember correctly, it’s pretty darn cool.

Currently Reading: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (last one!)

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