When you get about Columbia…

You might try ridin’ your bike or just usin’ your feet…

Just a cute little jingle they’ve got goin on with this new campaign – Get About Columbia

It’s a very cute campaign and I really think people might be listening. My cousin and his girlfriend, E & I went on a bike ride today, it was fun. The weather has just been awesome lately and the trails in Columbia are seriously amazing. You can get almost anywhere. I was telling E he should really ride his bike to campus – using the trails – because it’s less than a mile from his apartment (the trailhead) and it comes out right at the Engineering building on campus. How much more convenient could it get (he’s an engineer)?

It’s amazing how many more cars you see with bike racks…hopefully that means more people are biking. If I still lived in CoMo, I would be all over those trails!

I bought a new bike seat today and, W-O-W! It’s much more comfortable on the bottom. 🙂 It has what the company calls a “comfort release zone” and lemme tell ya, it works!

Well…it’s popcorn night so I have to head to the folks. Oh, this could be bad…but I’m starting to really enjoy biking – it makes me really despise when I have to run. 🙂 Haha, running’s never been my favorite hobby, but it’s good for you, so I do it. Maybe I’ll just bike….?

Currently Reading: Just finished Peony in Love by Lisa See – need to find my next book.


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