Butt Shots

So Thursday we caught up with Dad and my cousin and his girlfriend at Capen park. They meet there every week to climb rocks. Why? To show off their muscles of course!

Did I participate? No.

Did I enjoy watching, taking pictures, and generally hangin out with the family? Heck yes!

Should I suck it up and participate one of these days? Probably. 🙂

The climbing teachers – Dad and my cousin.

E attempting to climb (with Dad’s advice).

My cousin’s girlfriend climbing…as you can see, the rocks were a bit wet.

Currently Reading: Nothing?! I almost went to Wal-Mart to buy a book today. I finished The Used World by Haven Kimmel


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One Response to Butt Shots

  1. hi how are you? your blog is looking cool especially i first time saw some ppl climbing up in REAL. i mean i dint have idea like i can ever meet ppl which climb up the rocks. i just read in my 5th grade book about K-2 and everest. etc.ever been gone to their? like cloudy and snowy mountains? is there something to do with muscles in this game like you said here. i think a thin person like me can climb up better?can you climb a straight rock like a wall? i amaze if you can do this.Asif AshrafMCAD.NET, MCPasif@asifashraf.com

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