Impulsive? Never!

Is he not the cutest kid ever? My cousin Hudsyn laughing at his crazy Aunt Cathy who was dancing to entertain him.

So I’ve been told I’m a bit of an impulsive person. If I get an idea in my head I have to do it. Now. šŸ™‚ Just one of my wonderful quirks. So, I decided this past week (once again, I blame HGTV) that I needed to rearrange my teeny tiny apartment. I saw a cute futon mattress on sale and was finally able to get some decent seating in my little living room “nook”. Yay! Now when people come to visit not only will they have a place to sit but they can sleep, too. Seriously, I get excited over small things.

I also painted the TV stand my big bro made for me. The bright purple that my old roommates picked just wasn’t working – I wanted my apartment to look more “grown up” I mean, I am 24 years old.

Maybe I can add some pictures of my new cute living room next time I go back home.

In other news. Our sand volleyball tournament was decent. We didn’t do too horribly. I got to play a lot that day which is always nice. We’re gearing up for the Mudball ’08 tournament coming up this Saturday, you’ll definitely see pictures of that one. Mud is fun!

Currently Reading: Nothing? I have four books Mom just gave me though that look good. READ “What is the What”!! It’s great!


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