So our family loves animals. We’re a little ridiculous really. Our dogs are a part of our family, admittedly more than our cats – even though we have plenty of those, too.

If one of our dogs get sick, we all worry ridiculously until they’re better. This morning I got an email from Mom telling me that Sneaker (my little brother’s beagle – pictured above when she was a puppy) was missing. Now, she’d only been missing since yesterday, but Sneaker loves her food, so it was worrisome when she didn’t show up for her morning food.

I just called Dad to see if he needed me to come help look for her and he told me the bad news. She got caught in the mower (hay mower). Just writing this makes me cry, is that pathetic? She was such a cute, spoiled, funny, adorable dog. My little brother will be devastated. I gotta stop writing this because my boyfriend is staring at me while I cry, which always makes me uncomfortable. I’ll miss you Sneaker.

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