Holy cow.

I don’t know what’s going on, but the closer it gets to the end of the summer, the more time seems to fly by. I feel like yesterday was Monday. It’s crazy and it’s freakin me out!

To DO List:

  • Help E pack, they move next Wednesday! Ahh!
  • Help E clean. This is the part I enjoy…making things neat and organized, and finally clean!
  • Go to Minneapolis!! We leave Friday evening and I’m super excited.
  • Study for the GRE – I’m nervous. Why do tests always make me so nervous?
  • Take the GRE (next Thursday).
  • Start actually planning some of my fall classes. I haven’t looked at stuff for school since our last inservice day. I’m a bad teacher.
  • Craft Camp!
  • Go to Wisconsin with the family.
  • Make slideshow for Grandmother.
  • Send my transcripts to UMSL so they can complete the application process.

I’m sure there’s lots more, but that’s what’s overwhelming me right now. And of course, I could have done a lot of that stuff earlier this summer, but no…I procrastinate.

In other news:

Yesterday was perfect for the following reasons:

Played with my adorable cousin!

Played with my other cousin’s adorable new puppy!!

Played sand volleyball.

What’s not to love about that day?

Currently Reading: Finished The Book Thief, looking for my next good read.

About keepingupwithkate

reader, runner, teacher, wannabe crafter
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