Get to Work!!

So here I am at home when I really should be working. Today was the first day back at school with the kids and man, it was much easier than last year! It really helps when you know some of the kids and you don’t have to plan every lesson from scratch. Nice 🙂

In WW news, I’m down over 20 pounds from May. Sweet! A lot of my clothes (work clothes) are really loose, but I don’t want to buy new clothes until I’m down 2 sizes, I figure by then I’ll look pretty ridiculous in most of my clothes. However, some of my current work clothes are pretty ridiculous at the moment. Good thing I have no money to buy new ones. Seriously though, I’m pretty excited about it. I might even be able to make goal by Christmas….maybe my birthday. Either one will be sweet 🙂

So my kitty’s name is Simon. He’s adorable. Enough said. Unfortunately he thinks the litter box is an awesome place to play, but…he’s still cute.

Here’s me forcing myself to work. However, I promise to update more frequently now that I’m back at home.

Currently reading: The Known World by Edward P. Jones


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