It’s that time again…

So, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents. Ahhhh! So, my goal this year? Make (or recycle) all presents, except for E. Cause, really…what would he want that I could make? Any suggestions? He’s so hard to buy for anyway.

Mom – making a clothespin holder
S – hmm, I made him an awesome blanket last year, maybe a family slideshow – oh yeah! Of just our family.
A – hmm…something for his new house, possibly E can help me think of something there.
Dad – I got a mountain biking book for $0.50 at the library book sale, maybe I can make something for his bike as well…maybe arm warmers? For riding in the winter? Haha, yeah right.
C – oh…she’s crafty. This one will be difficult. I already have one idea, but besides that I’m a little stumped.
E – no friggin clue. Help.

This week at school’s been great, the kids are behaving, I’m waking up early, it’s just been good. I hope this keeps up! Next week’s a full week, but after that, only 2 days and then break! Yay!!

Currently Reading: The World Without End by Ken Follett


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