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Must Love Dogs

So last night, E and I went to see Marly & Me. Cute movie. As we left the sparsly crowded theatre we saw a little boy, probably around 9, who was bawling his eyes out. Poor little guy. I will … Continue reading

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Young @ Heart

Title: Young @ HeartRating: 5 outta 5 starsReview: This movie, you must see! Young @ Heart is a chorus of older folks who travel the country (and world) performing. It’s sad, uplifting, sweet, cute, hilarious, touching, any other positive adjective … Continue reading

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Who I Admire

In response to Ashley’s post on those we admire, I have the following. 1. My Mom. That might sound cliche, but the woman’s amazing. That’s an entire post there.2. My students. There is a student every day (usually new ones … Continue reading

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How to Procrastinate

1. Put on some iTunes. This is essential for most tasks.2. Check your email. Every 30 minutes.3. Peruse Google Reader. You know you just have to see what others are doing!4. Think about grading those finals sitting there…5. Tell yourself … Continue reading

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Bottled Up

Title: Bottled UpAuthor: Jaye MurrayRating: 4 outta 5 starsReview: So Pip is a guy with a lot of problems. 1. His dad’s a jerk…and an alcoholic.2. His mother’s a pill popper.3. He smokes way too much pot.4. His friends are … Continue reading

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Christmas presents!

So, here’s a cute picture of E and Simon, who apparently loves cuddling with E who isn’t really an animal person. If you’re my sister-in-law, please don’t look below the first picture, or you’ll ruin your Christmas surprise, and that’s … Continue reading

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Hattie Big Sky

Title: Hattie Big SkyAuthor: Kirby LarsonRating: 4 outta 5 starsReview: Hattie Big Sky is based on Ms. Larson’s ancestor who actually went through the homestead experience. Hattie is a strong willed, naive, hopeful, and good-natured character. As a girl, she … Continue reading

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Title: InkheartAuthor: Cornelia FunkeRating: 4 outta 5 starsReview: Meggie and her father have an interesting talent, they make books come to life. However, that’s not always a good thing. For Maggie and Mo it’s often downright scary. In the first … Continue reading

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How to Play Fetch with a Cat.

So not only is this incredibly cute, but I thought also hilariously funny, for a cat. Enjoy Simon’s premiere performance. Please forgive the poor video quality.

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breaking dawn & the express: the ernie davis story

So, I decided since my blog is titled “Relentlessly Reading” it’d only make sense to post my book reviews here. They’re also on Goodreads, but hey, I need a post! 🙂 Title: Breaking DawnAuthor: Stephanie MeyerRating: 3 outta 5stars Review: … Continue reading

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