What will you do this year?

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again. Resolutions! I always try to make a new year’s resolution and it seems like by the end of the year I always forget what it is…oops.

This year’s resolution?

1. Stop biting my fingernails (and cuticles, I know, I’m bad). I WILL do this. Especially since E doesn’t think I can.
2. Make and maintain my WW goal. I’m only 8 pounds away. Go me.
3. That’s it!

The fewer I make, the fewer I can’t keep, right?

How did I start the new year? Dad, E, K, Cousin E, and I ran in the First Night 5K in CoMo. We ran in it last year too, and boy was it easier this year. Last year’s time? 30:21. Ouch. This year I was ecstatic to make my goal (to beat 27:00). My time was 26:06! Yay me!! Seriously, I’m impressed with myself. Now Dad’s tryin to convince me to do a 5K in a couple weeks for Starting Block (a new sport equipment store). In the Starting Block 5K the girls start 3 minutes ahead of the guys, so I could maybe beat Dad. Ha, that’d be something.

Well, I actually have to go back to work tomorrow…so I should get to bed, on my new feather bed topper, I’m excited!! I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and I wish everyone the best in 2009.

What are your resolutions? How are you going to keep them?

Currently Reading: The Subtle Knife (His Dark Materials Book 2) by: Philip Pullman

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1 Response to What will you do this year?

  1. fer says:

    That’s so great that you ran a 5K!!! I want to try and run one this summer 🙂

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