Book Title: Inkspell
Author: Cornelia Funke
Rating: 4 outta 5 stars
Review: Yes, this book took me forever to read. No, it wasn’t because it wasn’t good. It was good. Very good.

Meggie reads herself into Inkworld (at the end of the last book? or at the beginning of this one? good question). So, Mo and Resa are read in as well. A cute little relationship develops between Meggie and Farid. Mo is confused – he doesn’t seem to know if he’s the same person he was in “his world” or if he’ll fit into Fenoglio’s world of Inkspell. Like the previous book, the bad guys seem to get out of everything, but you know, I think it makes it seem more realistic. I still hate them though.

I’m holding out hope for Dustfinger in the next book.

Currently Reading: Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke


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