A Doggy Update

Oh yeah, that’s right. My parents got a new puppy (well, he’s really about 2 years old, but he’s so darn cute I’m gonna call him a puppy!)!! Yay! I love animals.

Now, I might be so infatuated because I know that I will shortly be able to have my own puppy, but either way, I’m somewhat of an animal freak.

Meet Hank.

Hanks on the left (Bear is on the right).

And again…

Ain’t he cute? Seriously though, he looks so eerily similar to our beloved beagle Sneaker who died last summer. *tear*

By the way, for any English teachers (or majors) out there. Here’s a question. The English department and I were discussing the other day the rule about capitalization and the names of breeds. Apparently the rule is that you don’t capitalize a dog’s breed unless it’s like “German Shepard.” What’s with that? It seems like they’re proper nouns, right? I mean, to be a beagle you have to have certain traits…right? And, if that’s true does it mean you don’t capitalize the different breeds of horses? Cats? Who made up this rule?

I am now stepping away from the nerd podium.

I actually got some grading done tonight (yay me!). Although, I still have 22 (hopefully – if they all turned them in) 4-5 page research papers on historical figures. I’m not gonna stress on that one though. I’ve got time…right?

In other news. Anyone got advice for breaking a slow weight-loss cycle? I’m exactly (exactly!) where I was a month ago. I mysteriously had a 2ish pound weight gain a couple weeks ago. I say mysteriously because I really didn’t do anything differently. At all. I worked out the same, I ate the same. It wasn’t TOM. What gives? So I’ve lost that wonderful 2ish pound gain, but I’m kinda frustrated. I’m SOOO close. Any advice?

Currently Reading: A Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov

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