Breaking a plateau

Here’s my plan to finally break through this dang plateau I’ve been stuck on for the past oh….forever.

1. Stay within my points. Track ahead of time so I know where I stand.

2. Exercise like a madwoman:

  • Thursday: Running – 30 minutes, Spinning – 45 minutes, 30 day Shred DVD – 20 minutes
  • Friday: Running – 30 minutes, 30 day Shred (back to back) – 40 minutes
  • Saturday: Running – 30 minutes, 30 day Shred – 40 minutes
  • Sunday: Running – 30 minutes, 30 day Shred – 40 minutes

3. Be optimistic? 🙂 haha, if only that’s all it took.

In other news? It’s the annual J-Family Women’s Retreat this weekend and we’re supposed to come with the following: a book to recommend, music to recommend, a movie to recommend, and supplies for the craft we’ll be making (a dish towel purse??) on Saturday. I’m also bringing the Shred DVD for our workout session on Saturday.

During the “exercise” session a couple years ago. Hey, we have fun.

My family is really close. We started having this “Women’s Retreat” a few years ago as a way for everyone to get together – well, all the women anyway – and just hang out for awhile. It’s nice because usually those relatives who live out of state manage to come in and we have fun just being with each other. There’s always a book review session – “What book have you read in the last year that you just have to tell us about?”, then there’s the movie review – everyone just shares what they loved (mine was Juno last year). The music thing is new, I’m still thinking on that one. But then we do a few crafts led by different members of the family, exercise a little, then go to Church Sunday morning and afterwards hit up the local DQ. I’m so glad that my family is close (both physically and emotionally). We’re all a little different, but we enjoy our differentness. It’s nice.

Currently Reading: War and Peace by: Leo Tolstoy

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