Holy Moly.

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger lately. If you care to hear my excuses I’ll brief them real quick: teaching, night class, volleyball, and procrastination! 🙂 That’s it!


  • So the other day I had a fun experience. The bell rang, so as per usual I asked everyone to be quiet and do the bellwork on the board. One young man continued his conversation (rather loudly) in the back of the room. “—, you’re still talking. I’ve asked everyone to stop talking.” “YOU’RE RIGHT I’M STILL TALKING!” (Pause) “Fuck this school! I’m leaving!” All the students and I just looked at each other as we watched him storm out of the room. Seriously? What? Gotta love temper tantrums. And I teach mostly seniors!
  • I’ve been asked by our German teacher to host the German English teacher who is coming with the German students for two weeks in April. Eeek! I’ve never had a visitor for that long, and she’ll be sleeping on my futon, but it should be interesting. She’s 27 and single, so we should have at least that in common 🙂

Night Class:

  • Done with War & Peace. Yes, I finished it! Okay, well I skipped the two epilogues, but I figured after 1000 pages, I was good to go.
  • Just started The Brothers Karamazov. So far? Yawn.


  • So after losing our first 4 games, we won 2nd place in our weekend tournament – last weekend. Go 7th graders! They were pretty excited. And they impressed me after our win, because they refused to take pictures with their shiny new plaque until they congratulated the team who’d just beat them.
  • Seriously. The middle school volleyball season is short – but crazy. Only 3 more games (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and I’m DONE! Until next year, anyway.


  • When am I not doing this? Really.

Weight Watchers:

  • Core foods definitely work. After my week on the “simply filling” plan, I lost 2.5 pounds. Yay! So I’ve decided to stay on the simply filling technique until I reach my WW (and personal) goal. Only 4 more lbs until my WW goal. Can you say heck yeah?

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