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I’m lazy,..

but at least I’m posting something! I think I deserve the 4-day weekend though, or at least that’s what I tell myself! Thank you school. Want a look at a couple projects we’re doing? Of course! This was dinner. How … Continue reading

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Oh Diet Coke.

So I attended this health seminar at my gym the other night after my bootcamp class and learned a lot. A couple interesting tidbits? Don’t wait until you’re hungry to eat. My bootcamp instructor is a big advocate of eating … Continue reading

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Some finished projects.

Before…After…Things we did to the outside (front): painted the shutters, added flowerbeds (can you say NO landscaping?), took out the dying – and ugly – evergreen bush, got a new, prettier front door. Before…After… What didn’t we do in the … Continue reading

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No excuses

I could say it’s been awhile, and that would be true. I could try and come up with excuses, but my only excuse is that instead of blogging, I’ve been doing one of the following: reading, playing with my puppies … Continue reading

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