No excuses

I could say it’s been awhile, and that would be true. I could try and come up with excuses, but my only excuse is that instead of blogging, I’ve been doing one of the following: reading, playing with my puppies (yes, that’s plural), working on our house, or watching recorded episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond like the amazingly awesome person that I am. I keep telling myself to update, and then I put it off. Maybe now that I’ve done it I won’t put it off for so long anymore.

First news: New puppy.

Her name is Sadie, and she’s adorable.

We got Sadie about a month ago and we’ve discovered the following little jewels of information. She licks. A lot. Zoe loves having a playmate. They’re both adorable (that was an easy lesson). Taking two dogs for a walk is a bit more of a commitment, and therefore doesn’t get done as much. We (well, at least I) love it!

Reading. Wow. I’ve read so many books over the past few months. Just a few: North and South, Love and War, Heaven and Hell, Beastly, The Chocolate War, The Earth Children series (again!), Olive Kitteridge, Thin Wood Walls, Home of the Braves, Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery, Peak, The Appeal, Luna, Someone Named Eva, The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, whatever the name of the book I’m reading right now, and at least 10-15 others which I’ve forgotten the names of at the moment, so look forward to just a couple reviews comin up. 🙂

Work on the house. Our bathroom is officially complete. Yay! We now have a dishwasher (which we got for free) installed in our kitchen which has new countertops and backsplash. We should be done painting the kitchen and putting the grout on the backsplash by next weekend, so I’ll add some pictures then. We’ve also got a new flowerbed (pretty!) which E’s mom planted for us, and it’s awesome. Some advice? Take free plants from people. At least if you’re not a greenthumb like me. It’s awesome, and if they like it? More power to ’em!

E, Dad, and I competed in the Sedalia Fall duathlon this morning. It was pretty good. Besides the fact that I sucked it up on the bike portion (no surprise since I haven’t been biking…at all…). It was pretty cool. Second in my age group, out of what…maybe two?

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