Some finished projects.

Things we did to the outside (front): painted the shutters, added flowerbeds (can you say NO landscaping?), took out the dying – and ugly – evergreen bush, got a new, prettier front door.


What didn’t we do in the bathroom? We: plumbed for a 2nd sink, added electrical for a second light above a second mirror that we installed. Replaced the subflooring and added the tile (ew, I’m not a big fan of laying tile, but it is pretty). Painted cabinets and added new cabinet hardware. Replaced the countertop with more tile. Painted the walls. Added pictures I took (and developed) at craft camp :). Um…that’s all.

Before (a different view)…
I can’t wait until I can show pictures of the kitchen. You’ll be floored by the change. Seriously. I am. When I look at old pictures I’m like “What?!”

Oh, and here’s a closer look at the amazing flower bed E’s mom planted for us. I’m not joking when I say I got home from work one day and she’d planted the whole day while I was gone. She also moved two railroad ties by herself. Two! By herself! Do you know how heavy those are?

The flowerbed:
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1 Response to Some finished projects.

  1. Callina says:

    Very cool!! The bathroom looks great, and I LOVE the red door–it really makes a huge difference in how the whole house looks from the outside. Nicely done!

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