You mean you’re supposed to post on a blog?

Yeah, you can just check me off as one of the worst bloggers this year. Seriously. My problem is I tell myself to post, then I put it off because I think I have nothing interesting to post, then I think it’s been too long, then 2 months have passed. Yes, I admit. I’m bad.

Right now I’m smack in the middle of the busiest part of the school year. 7th grade volleyball has begun. Practice every night, followed by spinning or bootcamp classes at the gym. Needless to say, I’m away from home quite a bit these days. That’s why days like today (thank you, Mr. President), are pretty nice.

The wedding planning has been moving along. We’re now about three months from the big day. We haven’t rented anything yet, but we’ve sure talked about it. I went to look at dresses today, but when you’re looking for a pretty casual wedding dress, the pickins’ are slim. That’s okay though, I’m determined. Oh, and if any of you out there have suggestions, I’m all open. Seriously, I’m looking for anything…not necessarily white, could be multicolored, has to be tea length.

My goal for Weight Watchers by the wedding? Lose the poundage I’ve put back on since school started. I want to go on my honeymoon confident that I can get in the pool and look good. Swimsuits are my downfall. I think the same is probably true with most women, but I’ve never felt confident in a swimsuit. This summer was the first time I didn’t feel horrible, but my goal is to feel good. Not great. I think I’ll probably never feel that way (that’s just how I am), but I could definitely deal with good! Feeling good would make me really excited to take a cruise through Mexico next summer. Ever been? I’m researching it for E and I and I’m excited!

I’ve decided to begin a different blog (which I’ll link to here when I get it up) for book reviews. That way my students can read reviews (and maybe post their own?) so they can better decide what they’d like to read. I think it’ll be fun! And it’ll keep me reading.

Currently Reading: 10th grade Research Reports (oh yeah!)
Today’s Mileage: 3.5 miles on the treadmill

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