Bullet Points

Yes, I’m resorting to bullet points. It’s been TOO long. So, in short – here’s what I’ve been up to.

  • Hiked the Grand Canyon (oh yes I did!) Pictures follow. This trip is highly recommended.
Our campsite. Yeah…it was sorta beautiful.

On the way down… 

Every turn was seriously breathtaking. I wish the pictures did it justice.

  • Learned to sew – somewhat decently. Just finished baby gifts for a friend last night. I get way too excited when I’ve made something. It also is slightly scary because I picture cute babies in my future and my husband rolls his eyes.
  • I’ve revamped my website at school and LOVE it. Then I wonder…does it matter that much?
  • I’ll be presenting at a conference in February about my absolute favorite web 2.0 (FREE!) tool for the classroom. Edmodo. I love you. Really, seriously. If you’re a teacher and you haven’t heard about it, ask me…or better yet, come see me at the eMINTS Winter Conference in February!
  • Read lots of books, but that goes without saying, right?

Currently my cat has decided to take over my lap so I must end this amazingly wonderful update of my life.

Currently Reading: The Book Whisperer (I’m excited about this one), Good Without God (heard this bit about Humanism on NPR and got interested)

About keepingupwithkate

reader, runner, teacher, wannabe crafter
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