Oh crap…I did it.

I’m officially signed up for the Get in Gear! half marathon in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 30, 2011.  Eeek!  I’ve paid, that means I have to go, right?  I’m running it with my brother’s girlfriend and possibly my husband, dad, and brother-in-law (and maybe brother?).  It should be awesome and I’m excited – but I’m also extremely nervous.  My goal?  To break 2 hours.

I bought new running shoes after my WW meeting today.  I’m up to 6 miles and my toes were hurting after long runs – apparently my shoes weren’t big enough.  Tip:  Make sure you’ve got a thumb’s width of room between where your big toe is and the end of the shoe – otherwise when running hills your toes will hit the end of the shoe, and lemme tell ya, ouch.

WI results for today were satisfying 🙂  I’m down 1.8 from last Saturday.  My goal is to lose at least 12 pounds.  If I lost 15 I’d be ecstatic!  Last time I did WW and attending the meetings I got to that weight – but then I made the ultimate mistake:  stopped tracking.  My goal this time?  Don’t stop!  Make lifetime!  Keep tracking!  We’ll see if I can do it.


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One Response to Oh crap…I did it.

  1. bareitall says:

    I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. I’m thinking we may be the same person….pet problems (hopefully mine will end well like yours), signed up for a half marathon and running 6 miles, and back on WW. Let’s be blog friends! 🙂

    Are you following a training program for the half? I’m kinda just adding a half mile or so each week to my long run. You are going to do great…good for you for signing up.


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