Fuel yourself…seriously!

So tonight I had my longest run on the half-marathon training schedule (to date).  I didn’t want to skip my X-Biking class at the YMCA, so I showed up and had to teach – hooray.  Anyway, after a 30 minute spin class I headed up to the indoor track.  12 laps = 1 mile.  Oy.

The first 4 miles weren’t that bad – and after that I knew I was almost done.  After mile 6 I kept repeating – only 1 more – less than 12 laps to go.  Whew, I was pooped.

I don’t think the exhaustion really kicked in until I got home and laid down on the couch (with both dogs cuddled up of course).  I was hungry and cold (darn sweat) and eventually forced myself to take a shower.  After that I didn’t want to eat.  It literally took me at least 40 minutes to finish my dinner.  My only explanation is that I didn’t fuel myself very well before the run – or have any sort of “recovery drink”.  I think in the future for any run over 6 miles I’m going to make sure to work in a post-workout recovery snack.  I’m just now starting to feel…ehh…okay, again – and I got done running 3 1/2 hours ago.

Fuel yourself people!


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3 Responses to Fuel yourself…seriously!

  1. Amanda says:

    I’ve seen you on the WW boards but never realized you were from MN. I am too! I currently live in Blaine. I workout at the YMCA in St. Paul and in Coon Rapids. I love their classes. I do want to start running again because I know its great for your body.

    Anyways – just wanted to say hi!

    • I’m actually not from Minnesota – my brother and his girlfriend live in Minneapolis! 🙂 But we often go visit (at least oh…4 times a year). I’m trying to convince the hubby to go that direction in a few years when we have to move!

  2. Belle says:

    I am guilty of the same thing, Kate! I kind of like the feeling of being a little hungry when I workout, so I tend to under fuel pre-run. This will sound really weird but lately I have been eating baby food (yes, baby food) midrun. I am going to post on my blog about that either this weekend or next week.

    For me, anytime I run 8 miles or more, I feel sick after, and don’t want to eat for hours, even though I know my body is starving and so, so, tired. I have been making the habit to prepare a protein shake (a scoop and a half of powder and 8-12oz water) before I run, then I drink it either within 15mins of finishing or while in the shower (yes, in the shower – whatever gets the habit going).

    The protein shake idea came from my boyfriend who works out like a bodybuilder…so lots of protein. It has really helped my recoveries, I think.

    Happy weekend!

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