Saturday’s Scale

Aren’t catchy names just so much fun?


My WW meetings are on Saturday mornings – and the scale still liked me.

Weekly loss:  -0.6.

Total loss since re-joining: -4.2.

Total loss (since originally joining WW): -32.6.


What was it I did Saturday night?  Sat on our new (to us) couch cuddled with my babies (dogs) and watched Borne Ultimatum while my husband was in CoMO watching the basketball game.  Life’s good.  Not because my husband was gone…but because Kate-the-homebody loves chillin out and doing nothing.

I planned to have a new recipe featured today, but with the game on we ended up having separate dinners, so the lasagna rolls will have to wait, but they look DELISH.  Look for that coming soon.


Other entertaining (and random) news for the day.  I’ve had a Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor for a couple years now (LOVE it!), and a few months ago one of my beloved babies (dogs) chewed up the wrist strap.  Fortunately she didn’t chew it up completely, I could just barely still get it around my wrist.  Well, I filled out a form to get a replacement strap and they sent me the wrong color.  See below.  Hopefully wearing a multicolored watch won’t lose me any buddies 😉


I am considering getting a Garmin for it’s GPS capabilities – but will have to wait until I have the funds.  I’ll have to update again tomorrow after I complete my longest run to date: 8 miles.

What items to you feel are essential for working out?  Do you take classes, work out at home, or use equipment at a gym?  Do you vary your routine on a regular basis?


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4 Responses to Saturday’s Scale

  1. I love that multicolored watch!

    Essential for working out- my inhaler and my HRM. For long runs- I rely on my Camelback waist pack for water whenever I need it and my e-gels so I don’t bonk.

    Oh! And also- my Droid. I listen to Pandora while I run, I track my run on CardioTrainer, and I use it as a safety measure so I can call for help if needed.

    I mix it up every once in a while- but I really only mix it up on my cross training days…so I’m not sure it counts as mixing it up if you plan to mix it up? lol

    • I used to listen to my iPod when running, but ever since I started running with my dogs I haven’t – didn’t want to have them take off after something without me being aware of what was going on 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi, Kate
    Just came across your blog & am looking forward to reading it more! I have a polar f6 and love it, and instead of getting a garmin, just got a nike + sports band. It works pretty well — it’s like a sophisticated running pedometer and generally tracks my miles ran within 0.1 miles, which isn’t bad for $60.

    I’ve lost weight with WW, too–it’s totally awesome and livable, huh? I’m looking forward to poking around more in your blog–looks great!

    • Thanks for stopping by! With a couple snow days coming up (I assume) I’m hoping to have some new recipes up 🙂 I really would like something that would track my mileage (besides borrowing my husbands garmin or depending on, it’d be nice to not have to rely on others…we’ll see when I feel like I have the money to get something. I’ll have to look into the Nike + sportsband.

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