Running in the SNOW

It snowed here…did I mention that?  I think I might’ve.

When it snows 20 inches, my local YMCA closes for 4 days.  When my local YMCA closes for 4 days, I have to use the dreadmill (stole that from one of my dailymile friends).  When I have to use the dreadmill, I absolutely despise running.

None of those are good.  Especially when I’m training for a half-marathon.

I run outside preferably, and the following are my must have running essentials for the winter:

1. Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor.

I really don’t like exercising without this.  The Polar F6 keeps track of your time, your heart rate, and your calories burned.  I pay attention to all three.  Obviously, I watch the time to make sure I’m not slowing down or speeding up too much while running.  The heart rate I pay attention to to make sure I’m not working myself too hard (or not hard enough).  The calories I use to figure out how many Activity Points (for WW) I’ve earned.  Note:  There’s no “WW endorsed” guideline as to how many calories burned = how many Activity Points you’ve earned.  I generally stick with close to 100 calories = 1 AP (this was widely accepted on the old WW plan).

2. Convertible Gloves/Mittens. Mine are similar to these, but I got them at WalMart for around $12.  When it’s under 20 degrees I wear gloves, but today (13 degrees) I started out with them and by 1 mile they were off and in my pockets.  My hands get hot.

3. Running tights.  I have several of these.  Some from WalMart, some from Target, some from JCPenney.  I don’t really care which I wear – as long as they’re keepin my legs warm.  I will say, today I wore the ones below from WalMart and my legs were pretty darn chilly when I got back, but it was cold…there’s only so much you can do.

I would show you me in the running pants, but eh...not today 🙂

4. Ear Warmers. These are a must.  The one I wore today I made very easily with some scrap fleece fabric.  Not the most adorable, but anything that keeps my ears warm!

5. Goody Stayput Headbands.  I have about 10 of these, and they’re about the only thing that work.  I do have to put a knot in them to make them a little smaller.  Yay for no hair in my face.  My other favorite Goody product?  Stayput ponytail holders.

6. Layers.  Depending on the temps.  I go by the 20-degree rule.  I dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer than it really is.  Usually works.  I hate wearing too much and as of yet I haven’t worn not enough.  Base layer is a dri-tech shirt (I buy the ones from Target for around $12).  Then I’ll add a light jacket and possibly a fleece vest or a wind-resistant jacket if it’s too cold/windy.

7.  Reliable Shoes.  Running shoes with traction.  Most of the times my normal running shoes work great, but when there’s snow…you might fall on your face.  Not good.  Solution?  YakTrax!!

Notice my pup has her own traction...

I braved the roads to make a trip to CoMO to get these – the first store was out of them.  So, Bass Pro to the rescue!  They had one pair left (in my size!  who’dve thought!) so I snatched them up!

My thoughts?  Yay Yaktrax!  I got the Yaktrax Pro version – supposedly sturdier than the “Walker” version.  They worked great today!  I never once felt like I’d fall on my face.  Now, I did run a heck of a lot slower (like a minute slower per mile), but that’s probably because um….there was snow on the road – and quite a bit of slush in some areas.  Either way, SOO much better than the tread—uh dreadmill.

Question of the day:  Do you like running outdoors?  What do you need to workout?  Do you have any essentials?  Am I missing anything that you totally can’t live without?  I’m always up for suggestions 🙂


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