Saturday’s Scale…a few days late.


Apparently snow days agree with me. 🙂  Of course, it could also be because I had a small loss the week before.  But dang.  I’m not complaining!

Weekly loss:  -3

Total loss since re-joining: -7.2

Total loss (since originally joining WW): -35.6

Something I noticed when entering in my weight online was that if you lose between .5 and 2 pounds WW gives a nice little, “Congratulations!  You lost again this week!  Keep up the good work!”  Now, if you happen to lose more than 2 pounds, it gives you a message that basically says, did you do everything you were supposed to do this week?  Excuse me, but come on – a little encouragement, please.


After a week of sitting on my butt at home this week is feeling crazy.  Volleyball practice Sunday night from 5 to 7.  Volleyball practice until 5 and then a meeting after school until 7 on Monday.  Meeting at 7 am before school, then volleyball practice until 5 and had to run 5 miles Tuesday.  Volleyball practice until 5 Wednesday and then a meeting until 7.  Thursday volleyball until 5 then run 5 miles.  Wait a minute…I get to go home at 5 on Friday!  I’m sure you all didn’t want to know my schedule this week, but hello crazy.  For Kate the homebody, that’s a lotta stuff going on.


Just finished reading Born to Run and I must say – if you run, even just a little bit – read this book!  It’s really motivated me to try and run differently – enjoying myself instead of seeing it as a form of, not punishment, but only seeing it as a “means to an end.”  The only time lately that I’ve felt that I just don’t want to run is when I’ve faced the treadmill…so that’s an improvement!  Three miles (except last Sunday :)) doesn’t really seem like much anymore!  It’s also got me considering different running shoes/form.  I’m really interested in trying to run in more minimal running shoes – kind of getting back to the basics.  And on that note…


This past weekend was an easier weekend, supposedly.  According to my training plan I was due to run a 10k.  That didn’t happen.  I went out to run Sunday and seriously wasn’t feeling it.  After about 2 miles I felt like I was dying.  Even after my post last week about fueling yourself for a run I was an idiot and didn’t eat enough food.  Note to self:  A smoothie is not enough to sustain you when you plan on running 5 hours later.  Not the best idea I ever had.  When am I going to learn?

Question of the day:  How do you recover or encourage yourself after a less than stellar workout?  Have you ever tried running barefoot?  Or used more “minimal” running shoes?  If so, what was the outcome? I haven’t tried running barefoot – but I did run one day more on my toes than hitting heel first.  I made the mistake of doing this for about a mile the first time I did it and my calves screamed for the next few days.  Tip – don’t try so much so fast…go slowly! 🙂

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