Saturday’s Scale otherwise known as: “I blame Chipotle!”


So…Saturday’s scale didn’t like me.  Haha, I’m okay with it for the moment.  Last week was crazy – 3 pounds – crazy.  Anyway, this week I gained 2 pounds, but as of tonight (granted, a few hours after I ran nine miles and ate a little) I’m below where I was last night.

As the title of this post states – I blame it on Chipotle.  We had some of that yumminess Friday night (a salad and I had E get some chips – which I ate all of).  I’m over it, it was delicious and I’m okay with it.

Weekly loss: Umm… +2

Total loss since re-joining: -5.2

Total loss (since originally joining WW): -33.6


Had my longest run to date this afternoon.  9 miles.  Wowsa.  Still can’t quite believe I did it.  I talked to E about hill strategies yesterday.  I am NOT a fan of hills, and I now believe that’s because I never before had a strategy to tackle them.  Here’s what I did before:  tried to keep my pace while going up hills and therefore killed myself.  I was literally SO tired at the top of the hills it was impossible to recover.  So after talking to E I decided to try a different strategy: try to keep my effort/HR at about the same level when going up hills (in other words – slowing down).  It worked…kinda.

My problem when running is that the entire time I run I keep my HR pretty high (higher than I think you’re supposed to).  I’m not sure why, but if I ran slow enough for my HR to be at a “medium” level, I’d be going way too slow – at least in my opinion.  On all my runs my average HR is around 170.  My 9 mile loop today involved several hills, and normally when I run outside I don’t really encounter any.  More hills than I’m used to = super tired Kate when running up the hills.  I’ll admit (I hate doing this!) that I even walked a couple hills.  It was the only way to keep my HR from skyrocketing.

Either way, I finished my 9 mile run in 1:20:26 – not including whatever time lapsed while I waited for cars to pass so I could cross the road.

In fueling for a run news?  Success!  Had enough carbs this morning before the run and satisfied my post-run hunger with 1 c. skim milk and 1 WW Chocolate Smoothie Mix – hit the spot!


Holy busy schedule Batman.  SO glad last week is over.  This week, looks much better.  My kids (students) are reading books by the handful – and I’m loving it!  This week’s schedule?  No meetings before or after school – just volleyball practice and running…and a dentist and doctor’s appointment.  Yay, fun.


Made Skinnytaste‘s Turky Chili Taco Soup for a family gathering and it was delicious – will post a review tomorrow!

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1 Response to Saturday’s Scale otherwise known as: “I blame Chipotle!”

  1. bareitall says:

    Wow, that is a high heartrate! I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. And you’re right, hills are much easier with a strategy. I like them now because I focus on my butt muscles and imagine them giving me a nicer tooshy. 🙂 Ha. Keep up the good work!

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