Saturday’s Scale


The scale liked me again this week – yay scale!  It really had no choice after last week’s Chipotle fiasco.

Weekly loss: -1.4

Total loss since re-joining:-6.4

Total loss (since originally joining WW): -35


Ran nine miles in the BEA-UTIFUL weather again this afternoon before our Sunday volleyball practice.  Seriously.  69 degrees in February, I could get used to that.  It was windy has heck, but I survived.  Modified the route from last week so there weren’t as many hills (go ahead and judge me, I’m okay with it).  I was still slower than I’d hoped, but you know, at the pace I’m currently going I’ll make my goal pace, which is the point, right?  I’m running 10 miles the next 2 weekends, then 11 the two weekends after that.

Right now I’m hoping on running a half marathon in Sedalia.  I’ve done multiple duathlons there and my husband swears it’s a flat, “fast”, course.  I don’t care so much about fast, but I’d love flat.  I’d like to do that half-marathon before the big deal in Minneapolis just to prove to myself I can.


It’s seriously insane these days with volleyball practice everyday after school.  Our first game is Thursday, hopefully my little 7th graders pull out a win.  They did pretty well tonight.  But, I must say, I’m glad Sunday practices are over.  Heck yeah to real full weekends, count them, 2 day weekends.  Hallelujah!

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