5 miles…no biggie.


I would have never thought that running 5 miles would’ve been no big deal.  Seriously.  How did this happen?  The sad running news?  I haven’t been able to run with my dogs for a couple weeks now.  The snow put a damper on things for awhile, and then my volleyball practice schedule got in the way.  That’s still happening by the way.  Our first game is tomorrow night and I’m nervous.  Put twelve seventh graders on a court (or on the bench) who’ve never played volleyball before and it can get real interesting.


Craziness at work this week…again.  I feel like that’s all I’ve been saying lately.  Today was crazy for unknown reasons (National FFA week, preparation for tomorrow, etc.).  It was one of those days that flew by where you felt crazy busy but couldn’t figure out what you actually accomplished.

Tomorrow’s agenda?  A visit from the governor of Missouri!  Seriously.  I’m not the biggest fan of our current governor, but it’s kinda nuts that he’s going to be visiting our little school.  I still don’t know why he’s really coming.  But, my 7th hour class will hopefully impress him on his tour of the school.

Oh..and our volleyball game and another 5 mile run.

Friday’s agenda?  The eMINTS Winter Conference in Columbia, MO.  I’m presenting at one of the break-out sessions and I’m really excited to attend and hopefully learn a lot…and hopefully excite some fellow teachers about the awesomeness that is edmodo.  🙂


This week seems to be going good so far…peeked at the scale tonight and I’m down a couple.  I never like to trust it though because it seems to change so much day to day.  I caught myself this week not really tracking.  That’s where I got in trouble when I “fell off the wagon”.  I tend to get busy and then just “guesstimate” the points in my head.  Stop doing that, Kate! So today I made sure to track everything.

Question of the day:  How do you keep yourself on track when you find yourself falling off the wagon?

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