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Sometimes pride is nice.

It’s not often that people allow themselves to be proud of themselves.  I know “pride is a sin” and all that, but sometimes it’s nice (necessary even?) to realize how far you’ve come – to be proud of your accomplishments. … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Scale…and ANOTHER snow day.

Showered, dressed, made breakfast and lunch, kissed the hubby goodbye, and just as I opened the door to leave my cell phone rang.  The school.  Snow day.  Seriously.  Argh. I did make the most of it though.  Graded 20+ essays … Continue reading

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Recipe Review: Big Apple French Toast Casserole

Mmmm….made this for work this morning (prepped all the ingredients last night and just had to throw them in the pan this morning…sometimes I’m a genius).  I adapted this a bit from Hungry Girl’s recipe posted from 2009. Points+ Value: … Continue reading

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Kids these days.

I have the tendency to say things I think I’ll regret when I have kiddos, but I really hope this isn’t one of them.  I had an awesome childhood.  Awesome.  My parents were great.  They treated us equally, spent lots … Continue reading

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