Saturday’s Scale…and ANOTHER snow day.

Showered, dressed, made breakfast and lunch, kissed the hubby goodbye, and just as I opened the door to leave my cell phone rang.  The school.  Snow day.  Seriously.  Argh.

I did make the most of it though.  Graded 20+ essays that I’ve put off for over two weeks now.  Sorry seniors.  The snow day also meant we didn’t have our volleyball game tonight (here’s me not shedding any tears).  So, I had to call all my players and let them know.

After that I headed to the gym to put in 5 miles on the indoor track while snowflakes the size of my pinky fell from the sky.  No kidding there either.  They were ginormous!  I didn’t get in my long run this weekend due to a volleyball tournament and some other fun stuff so I added a couple miles to my 5 mile run.  An easy 7 miles.  Yes, I just said easy.  What happened to Kate?  I never thought I’d say, “Yeah…I ran an easy 7 miles today.”  It’s kinda nice 🙂

I did weigh myself in at home Saturday before I left for the all day tournament and the results are…

Weekly loss: -0.8

Total loss since re-joining:-9.6

Total loss (since originally joining WW): -38.2

Not too shabby considering I was NOT a point counter this week.  I’m slowly doing what I did last time I got to this point with Weight Watchers – I’ve stopped counting my points.  STOP IT!  So that’s my goal this week, count all those points.

Only two more crazy weeks of volleyball then I’m done for the year.  What’s up next?  A half-marathon in Sedalia on the 26th of March.  This is my “Can I really do this?” race.  I don’t like to call them races either, because I don’t really feel like I’m “racing”.  I think my brother-in-law is planning on running this one with me…well, not really with me considering that he’s superfast compared to me…but you know what I mean.

Question of the day:  Do you ever slack on goals that you’re aiming for?  What do you do to get yourself back on track? I definitely slack on some goals (mainly just my weight-loss goals), and I’m hoping that blogging about my slackiness (is that a word?) will make me stick with it.  Make me…seriously, bug me about it! 🙂

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