Sometimes pride is nice.

It’s not often that people allow themselves to be proud of themselves.  I know “pride is a sin” and all that, but sometimes it’s nice (necessary even?) to realize how far you’ve come – to be proud of your accomplishments.

I was tagged in a picture on Facebook tonight from our volleyball game tonight and I happened to glance back at some pictures from the last few years.  I didn’t let myself untag some pretty darn unflattering photos because I didn’t want to be ashamed of where I once was.  Plus, it’s refreshing now to every once in awhile be able to realize how far I’ve come.  Sometimes I let myself forget when the scale’s moving slow, or when you’re just having “one of those days” when nothing seems to go right.  Here’s a picture that caught my eye tonight…

It’s amazing really.  I just wanted to remind myself – you’re doing great Kate.  That was you a few years ago.  You’ve come a long way.  And you’re running a half marathon in two short weeks (and again in a little over a month!), who would’ve thought?  Seriously.

Oh yeah, and I got to meet an adorable baby after my girls won their game tonight.  Overall?  Good day!

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