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I need to work on my running.  A lot.  I was planning on running today but I’m a little stiff and sore from the Les Mills Body Combat class I took yesterday with my cousin.  It was a lot of fun – the music went really well with the routine.  The reason I tried the class?  There was an opening at a local gym for fitness instructors, and they were wanting someone to train in a Les Mills class – so I thought I’d try it out.  It was a lot of fun.  Don’t know if there will still be an opening anytime soon, but I’ve always thought having a job that paid you to work out would be awesome.  Kind of like having a job with Weight Watchers pays me to keep it off!  🙂


Kinda hard to “keep up with Kate” when I never post anything.

Here’s my problem with summers:

1. It’s way too easy for me to get absolutely nothing done.  I guess that’s the problem with not having a “job” during the summer.  I have nothing making me get stuff done.  That’s why I’m a nut about making lists in the summer.

2. It’s friggin hot.  I’m about done with Missouri summers.  I would seriously like to live somewhere where it’s not so ridiculously humid (and did I mention hot?) during the summer.


Well, I’m now officially an employee for Weight Watchers.  I work in the town I teach at on Thursday evenings and I’ll start working in another town soon, once I get trained on the computer system Monday.  I’m excited.

I also realized yesterday that I often let myself think, “Right here’s good enough, I couldn’t lose any more weight, this is good enough…my body is comfortable here…” And I realized, I’m the one setting those limitations.  No one else is telling me it’s “good enough”, I am.  I think sometimes I’m still unsure of my capabilities.  I set limits on myself and instead of reaching beyond that I let myself stop.  Well I’m gonna try something different – I’m not gonna let myself do that this summer….I’ll see where it takes me.  🙂  I have high hopes.


Since I’m working for Weight Watchers I can’t wear shorts and we’re supposed to dress, well, like I dress for school.  But it’s too darn hot!  So I plan on going by Joann’s after my x-biking classes today and getting some skirt patterns.  It took me way too long to figure out that skirts are one of the easiest outfits – seriously!  Hopefully I’ll have some pictures to show off soon!

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