Projects galore.

Skinny Minny (the adorable kitten we rescued while visiting Rochester this weekend)

So on top of training to take over a receptionist position at the center in a nearby town for Weight Watchers, I’m also tackling a few different projects.

1. After reading this post about minimalism I purchased The Joy of Minimalism on my Kindle (that’s minimalist, right?) and have been excited about “cleaning up” my house.  So far?  I’ve done my bedroom closet.  The hubs installed new closet stuff last night after I had filled in huge nail holes and repainted it.  SO much better.

2. In the same vein – I also filled up another two huge bags of clothes to take by goodwill today.

3. I began a new skirt pattern today, although after last weeks shirring escapades my brother machine seems to be sewing kinda funny….dangit.  Still, the skirt’s mostly done.  Now I’m just pausing so I can…

4. Go to x-biking

5. Take the dogs for a run at the dog park (and then a walk with their dog-cousins)

6. Go by Goodwill to find more t-shirts for a t-shirt skirt.

7. Return some excess closet stuff to Lowes and get more paint for touch-ups.

8. I’m sure there’s more.  Tomorrow’s agenda?  Get my dang car fixed!  Here’s hoping it won’t cost and arm and a leg!

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