Weight Watchers, Crafts, and Recipes – oh my!

Today was filled with Weight Watchers.  I started out my morning with my favorite breakfast smoothie.

Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie

WW P+ = 4


  • WW Chocolate Smoothie Mix (1 pouch)
  • 8 ice cubes (yeah yeah, I count them out)
  • 1 cup FF milk
  • 1 cup(ish) of frozen strawberries (I’ve used frozen blueberries, too – delicious – they just get stuck in your teeth hardcore)

Blend.  Drink.  Enjoy.  Mmmm.

After the smoothie was my morning Weight Watchers meeting about 30 minutes from home.  I really enjoy the women who work the Thursday morning shift.  The leader especially, she’s really nice.  🙂  It’s so nice working with nice people.

After that I headed by Upscale Resale (a local resale clothing store – obviously).  It wasn’t what I expected.  I feel like most of the stuff there could’ve been at Goodwill.  Granted, they didn’t have t-shirts, but most of the other items I feel could’ve been at a Salvation Army or Goodwill.  I did get a cute skirt for $5 though.  Can’t really beat that.

When I came home I made a pretty cool hands-free dog leash for running with my pup.  Took me five minutes.  I swear.  I’m so excited about making more of these for my brother & his girlfriend, my brother-in-law, and whoever else.  I hope to post a tutorial tomorrow.  I also want to possibly make some to sell in my Mom’s etsy shop – which will have new items listed tomorrow!  And forgive the un-prettiness of it right now, it’ll look MUCH better tomorrow!

After the quick leash project I headed to good ‘ol H-town (my place of employment) to my second Weight Watchers meeting of the day.  It was  bit rushed since the leader didn’t get there until a little late, but overall I’d say it went pretty well.  The money came out even, and that’s all I ever really worry about.  So far I’m really enjoying working for Weight Watchers – it’s nice to have something else to do and it’s something I feel strongly about.  I mean really, it’s the only “diet” program that make sense.  At least the only “diet” program that you pay for.  I’m all for doing it on your own, but if you have trouble with determination or you need to learn what’s best for you, Weight Watchers is the way to go!  If you’ve ever done Weight Watchers you’ll know why “diet” is in quotation marks 🙂

On the plate for tomorrow?

1. photo shoot for the etsy shop

2. take dogs to the farm

3. post a tutorial for hands-free dog leash!

4. bbq at my brothers

5. avoid dying from heat exhaustion in the 107 heat index.  UGH.  seriously Missouri!


Question of the day:  Did anyone notice running wasn’t mentioned?  (Geez, I need to jump back on that bandwagon).  If you do run, do you run with your dogs?  How far do you usually go – with or without dogs?

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