Project: Small Wallet

Now that I’m a receptionist for Weight Watchers in Columbia I have to bring money for the till each week.  I wanted something to keep my money separate and I also wanted something cute.  Making a wallet’s easy, right?  Turns out, yes!  Seriously easy.  I followed this tutorial (mostly, I think she wrote some parts wrong).  And here’s what I ended up with…

Supplies - cute fabrics from some fat quarters and a 7 inch zipper (not pictured - interfacing, cause that's boring!)

Now that there's money inside it's a little fatter 🙂

My favorite part? It has a place for bills and change! Score 🙂

Well, now I’m off to make a shirt…or dress…and finish a skirt I started last night.  Just have to hem it.  I tell ya, I get on a sewing roll and I can’t stop.


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reader, runner, teacher, wannabe crafter
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1 Response to Project: Small Wallet

  1. oh man how cute is this!!

    I wish I was crafty!

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