Move North? Yes, please.

Willow River Falls

The gang's all here - minus Dad who's behind the camera 🙂

So this weekend was a fun-filled time with the family at a campground in Wisconsin.  Willow River Falls State Park, to be exact.  We went a few years ago and really liked it, and I’m glad we chose a Wisconsin State Park instead of a Minnesota State Park – closing down state parks?  Come on!

Willow River Falls

Willow River Falls - above the big falls.

Anyway, the entire weekend I was rather dizzy.  And I don’t mean just that dizzy-when-you-stand-up-too-fast kinda dizzy.  I was dizzy constantly.  Walking around?  Check.  Sitting?  Check.  Seriously?  Anyway, the dizziness I think help contributed to the fun that was had yesterday evening around these parts.

For some reason (incredibly neglected lawn?) I chose to mow our 1.8 acre lawn yesterday.  And let me tell you, last night around 9 PM it was 91 degrees but the heat index put it around 110 degrees.  Anyway, I went out to mow the lawn around 10:30 yesterday morning and lemme tell ya, it was H-O-T!  My running shorts were literally soaked through when I came in for a break.  I mowed and did other yard work for about 2 hours when I was stung by a sweat bee.  Ouch!  That put a damper on my mood so I went in to cool off and list some stuff on my Mom’s Etsy shop.  Success.

Later that night after I’d done some more mowing the hubs and I were making dinner/washing dishes when I cut my finger on an open can of tomato sauce.  Whew!  I always knew those sharp edges were buggers.  Well, I immediately grabbed a wet paper towel while the hubs and I searched for bandaids.  I was starting to feel a little woozy so I sat down while he worked on getting a bandaid that would go over my cut.

“Man, I think I might pass out.” More intelligent words were never spoken.  Apparently seconds later E noticed that I’d slumped down in my chair and the next thing I knew I was having all these really fast dreams.  About 30 seconds later I came to and E was holding me a little ways off the floor.

“What just happened?”

“You passed out.  That was crazy, cause you weren’t bleeding very much.” 🙂  Smart man.

The moral of the story?  When you’ve been dizzy and it’s friggin HOT outside, don’t make it worse by mowing the lawn.

Needless to say, I’m all better now 🙂  I stayed out of the heat today and after a good night of sleep I’m hoping not to repeat that event.  All in all though, I think that’s one more reason I can use to convince my husband that we should move north.  I mean, come on, you don’t want a wife that passes out due to heat exhaustion, do ya?

Question of the day: Have you ever overexerted yourself?  What’d you do to make sure it didn’t happen again?  I made some homemade ice cream today – I think that should help 😉

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