My So-Called Busy Life

I wish I had a better excuse than that my life is rather boring, as to why I haven’t updated.  I’ve been busy, but it’s just not exciting busy stuff.The next week I think will be the most stressful so far since I have a 10-15 page research paper due for my grad class by the 29th, and as of right now, I have no earthly clue what I’m gonna write about.  Oops.

This is what I’ve been doing lately…

My rotten dogs...while I was *trying* to do homework...

And while that’s true, I’ve been doing a lot of work on updating (and researching how-to’s) my Mom’s Etsy shop, updating my employers webpage, working on forming a new website for my Mom & Dad’s farm, you know, stuff I really know nothing about.  So, it therefore involves a lot of time with me sitting there looking stuff up.  When I’m not sitting on my butt I’ve been working some different WW meetings and helping the folks out at some local farmer’s markets.

This past weekend one of my best friends got married.  It’s funny, a couple years ago all of our friends were happy single people just hangin out, now almost all of us are happy couples hangin out – and the marriages have begun.  🙂  It was a beautiful church and the bride was gorgeous, what else could you ask for, really?  Well, I’ll tell ya!  The priest sounded like the priest from The Princess Bride.  If you know what I’m talking about, you’re probably laughing right now.  But here’s a hint:

Okay, so it wasn’t that exaggerated, but still, it was entertaining.

Coming up soon?? Lowfat vanilla frozen yogurt.  I’m seriously salivating after typing that.  Grocery store, here I come (after homework of course)!!

How do you keep yourself focused when you have lots of things to get done?  Really, cause I need all the help I can get there…

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