Amish Expedition

Yesterday I went to “Amish Country” (as we call it) in Mid-Missouri with my Mom, Aunt, and a friend of the family.  It was a hot day – whew I don’t how those Amish do it.  Bravo to them.  We picked up a quilt that had been dropped off awhile back that was gorgeous, wish I’d taken a picture to share…but I felt a little awkward pulling out my “fancy” phone in front of the Amish.  Weird?  Yes.  We also dropped off my quilt from a few years ago to have them quilt it.

A few years back (okay, maybe 7) my family did a family quilting project.  There were 12 of us total who wanted to take part, so we each started by making 2 squares for our own quilt.  We then passed them along to the next person on the list who made 2 more, and on and on.  In the end we each ended up with an entire quilt with 2 squares made by each different member of the family.  We all also initialed our squares, so it’s pretty cool.  One of my aunts even used a piece of my Granddaddy’s shirt that he always wore on Christmas, to my quilt.  It’ll be awhile before I get it back, but I’ll have to share it when I do.  It’s a bright one!

In other Amish related news, we stopped by a “general store” and I got a picture of their security sign.  Too cute.












I gotta hand it to them, they’ve got a sense of humor!

I also bought this cute bracelet for $2.  I’m not big into wearing “jewelry,” but it was too cute to pass up!

Braided leather bracelet - simple, but adorable.












Well, tomorrow’s a big day of working on my 10-15 page paper – but I’ll have a new recipe that’s sure to cool you off soon 🙂

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