How to spend your time at the beach

When it rains…

Oh yeah, that’s right.  My first trip to the beach and it rains on the only full day we’re there.  That’s okay though, it was still good 🙂

Day One:

The day of arrival, gorgeous.

This was literally one block from our inn.  And it was pretty.  This was also my first time to the “beach.”  I’ve been to the Mediterranean Sea, in January.  It was cold…and unbeach-like.  I’ve also been to some harbor in Vancouver, but also, un-beachlike.  So I’m counting this as my first beach/ocean experience.  It was definitely the first time I’ve swam in salt water.

So we got to the Atlantic Street Inn (highly recommended by the way, cute, close to everything, nice price) at around 5 pm, walked along the beach for awhile, then quickly found some place to eat cause I was starving!   We went to Miller’s Seafood & Steakhouse a couple blocks from the Inn and I ordered blacktipped Shark.

Shark and fries, probably not the most common combination!

At least I think that’s what it was.  The specials were shark and swordfish, and I probably should’ve tried swordfish, but now I know for next time.  The shark was a little dry, but I’m glad I tried it, never had shark before.  The mango topping was delicious though.

Day Two:

Raining.  Boo.  We drove to Cape Hattaras Island to see the tallest lighthouse, but because of the weather we were unable to climb it.  Sad face.  There was some interesting info inside about how they moved the lighthouse a few years ago, I can’t imagine what an undertaking that would be!

"America's Lighthouse"

By the time we got back to Nag’s Head the rain was hiding for awhile, so we went to Jockey’s Ridge State Park.  Now I’m going to tell you right now, these pictures don’t do it justice.  Smooth-Move Kate forgot her “real” camera at home so all my photos are from my iPhone.  Way to go.  Jockey’s Ridge State Park is home of the largest living sand dune on the East Coast.  It’s pretty huge, and awesomely smooth.  I could sleep in that sand I bet.  Really cool.  You also get a pretty amazing view of everything from the top.

It doesn't look impressive, but it is, trust me!

After hangin out on the dunes we went to the Pier House Restaurant.  It’s a down-to-earth restaurant, good prices, good food, awesome view.  And get this.  If you fish from the pier and clean your fish, they’ll cook them up for you for your lunch/dinner.  How awesome!

This was the only "unique" type of dish I could get my husband to try. Crab dip. It was delicious though, yum...

Our table had a heads-on view of Nag’s Head Pier, which with my camera didn’t look so hot, so here’s  a view from beside it after our delicious meal:

Nag's Head Pier

The rest of the day involved us avoiding the rain by watching Cedar Rapids (seriously, whoever invented Redbox is a genius) in our cozy suite.

Day Three:

My husband's not a picture taker, so that's my leg...and proof I was on the beach. Haha, oh my.

No rain!  We had to check out of the inn by 11 o’clock that morning, so we headed to the beach for awhile, jumped around in the waves, and called it a successful vacation.  We decided to drive all the way back home Monday so we wouldn’t have to spend more money on a hotel room – and because I miss my puppies like CRAZY!!  We got home around 3 this morning and I immediately passed out in bed.

What else did I do on vacation?  Finished my 10-15 page research paper and other homework and submitted it for my Multicultural Literature class. Now I have to start reading “The Dead” by James Joyce and get to work on my oh-so-exciting new class: Literary Theory.  Ugh.  I am so not excited about this class.

Now I must go do some running.  Seriously.  I ate a LOT of junk food.  Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Question for today:  What are you doing with the rest of your summer??

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