Chopping it off

I don’t know about other females out there, but getting my hair cut makes me nervous.  Not every time, mind you, but every time that I want to do something *gasp* different.  Take last time for example, I went in to the salon where I normally get my hair cut and I had an appointment with this guy who’d never cut my hair before.  I wanted to go shorter, but I chickened out so I told him something about layers and then kept my mouth shut while he did what he does.  Awkward silence ensued.  Awkward hair cut (at least in my opinion) resulted.

This time I was determined to bite the bullet and get my hair chopped off.  I’d been looking at some school pictures from the past five years….and oh boy.  Oh, you want to see?  Of course you do.  🙂

1st year:  Main thing I think when I see this?  TIRED.  I was at school every night until around 9.  Man am I glad that’s over.

2nd year: Holy chest shot.  Yikes.  Just overall, very unflattering picture.

3rd year: Must’ve had some sun that year, I actually look a bit tan.  And a bit healthier.  But did you notice?  Same shirt as the previous year, different color.

4th year: Holy crap, what happened in a year?  See what a difference a hair cut can make?

5th year: This one cracks me up.  I remember him telling me to tilt my head, and I feel like the look on my face says, “This is slightly uncomfortable, but he told me to do it, and smile.”  Also, not liking the shirt.  Since then it’s been donated to charity.  Sorry charity.

So after going down memory lane I decided the only year I looked really pulled together was the year I had a bob.  So a bob it was.  And the results??

I think it’ll be a better picture this year.  Yay! (Excuse the bags under my eyes, I only woke up about an hour before this picture…and it’s summer.  Summer = No Makeup.  EVER.)  Thanks to the WW boardies who gave the advice to go ahead and do it!

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2 Responses to Chopping it off

  1. Danielle says:

    Kate, I love the hair cut! I want to see more pictures! =)

  2. Oh my god!!!!

    I love it!!!!!!

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