Another year begins.

Monday will be the beginning of my sixth year teaching…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love my job.  If it weren’t for the grading I’d really love my job.  🙂  Alas, that’s what English teachers get.

The past week has been spent building new bookshelves for my classroom (which are already almost full), updating course syllabi, buying random odds ‘n ends for my classroom, etc.

I don’t know how many of you heard about the terrible tornado in Joplin, Missouri that happened on graduation day of this year.  It destroyed so much of the town and the schools are now being held in what used to be big box stores.  One thing my students and I are going to do this year is a Reading Pledge (they don’t know about this yet).  You remember when you were little and you had your family pledge so much money for every minute you jumped rope?  Or how about the one where you got pledges for every math problem you answered correctly in a packet?  Well, for this pledge the students will get pledges for every book they complete for the semester.  That way it encourages reading (YAY!) and raises money for Joplin high school, who I know could use the money.  I really think this will motivate kids, they love helping others, especially when it’s so close to home!  I’m really excited to share this with the kiddos and hope it goes well.  The entire English department is going to take part – so about 450 kids.  Think about how much money we could raise for Joplin!

Right now I’m looking at a calendar with dates of BLS trainings (Basic Leader Skills).  I’ve been asked to go to training to become a leader (ahh!), so now I just have to bite the bullet and pick the date. 🙂  Wish me luck!  Also, did you know that tracking works?  Ha, who’dve thunk that keeping track of what you eat would really work.  You would think I would’ve learned that after the first 35 pounds.  And yet, I still struggle with it sometimes.  Live and learn I guess, right?

So, I haven’t run this week (yet).  The half marathon is in…oh…20 DAYS!  Ack.  Really need to get busy on those long runs (or any runs at all).

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