Race Review: Roots ‘n Blues Half Marathon

Rachel (running partner), Me & Dad!

Well, it’s over.  I did it.  That’s about all I can brag about.  🙂  But seriously, it was…okay.

Location: So the race was in Columbia, Missouri (where I basically grew up, so yay!).  The course was…okay.  And I think it would’ve been great if I’d actually have trained for the half…but, well, I didn’t.  It was mainly flat with two major hills that basically kicked my butt.

Weather: If there was anything perfect about this race it was the weather.  Awesome.

Logistics: There was a lot of difference between this and the previous half in April.  There were about 700 people and I must say, it was SO easy to get through the start.  There were tons of bathrooms to use before the race (and for all of you who’ve done a long distance race, you know the importance of that).  After about 1-2 miles the amount of people was really good.  Shoot, after 5 miles I basically ran by myself since my running partner was a little more prepared than I was.  I also got to run with my dad for the first 2-3 miles, which was kinda cool.  It was his first half – go Dad!

Swag: The shirt’s okay – haven’t worn it yet, not technical.  Besides that the main plus of this half is the free entry to the Roots ‘n Blues BBQ Festival that day which I didn’t take advantage of because I was tired.  Oh, and free pulled pork sandwiches when the race was over.  Yum.  And beer – which I didn’t have since I wasn’t feelin so hot.

Company: As mentioned above, I got to run the first few miles with my dad and my friend Rachel.  At the first HUGE hill Rachel left me in the dust.  I told her I’d catch up…but I knew as I said it that I wouldn’t.  Just didn’t have it in me.  While it lasted it was good though 🙂 I’m so glad they both got to do their half, and they did an awesome job!

Success:  I finished!  That’s success, right?  And I figure…if I could finish a half marathon without really training (oh…let’s say 4 long runs in the 1 1/2 months leading up to it…and nothing else), then that’s saying something.

Results: I believe I finished in 2:07.  Which when you compare it to my 1:55 finish time in April is sad.  When I say I believe, I say that because I didn’t have my chip timing (lost it the day before the race) and my GPS watch malfunctioned at the beginning of the race…so that’s what the clock said when I crossed the finish line.  So I guess now that I think about it I’m probably under that since I didn’t cross the start right when they started the clock.  And yes, it was 2:07 exactly.  And that’s with me walkin the hills.  HA!  Oh hills, how I despise you.

Question of the day: Has a race ever gotten to you?  What do you do to push through?  And how do you motivate yourself after a disappointing result?



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