So this is what busy feels like?

Since I last updated my life has gotten substantially busier.  As some of you may know I started working for Weight Watchers as a receptionist in May of this year.  Last month I attended BLS (Basic Leader Skills) in Chicago over the weekend to start training to become a leader.

Definitely the most I’ve ever talked about Weight Watchers in such a short period of time. 🙂

After a bundle of nerves this past Thursday night I’m done presenting my first meeting as a leader.  I still have one more meeting to do in front of my Territory Manager before I’m a full fledged leader, but I can actually see it happening now…kind of unbelievable.

What I’m really enjoying about the Weight Watchers training is how much of the information can be applied in my “real” job as well.  There are so many strategies to use with members who are struggling that can also be applied to students who may be struggling, I’m really excited about trying some of them out on my students to better prepare myself for using them in a meeting!

In other news?  I’ve been using the Ultimate Three Month Tracker over the past week and I must say – I’m impressed.  I think this is definitely what I’m going to have to keep doing.  I find myself cheating a LOT less than I did when I used my iPhone WW app.  And cheating?  Never good.  I’ll have to share some pictures of a typical day of eating of mine soon.  For those of you who don’t know the Ultimate Three Month Tracker is basically a food diary that you have to carry around with you (similar to the paper tracker you can pick up at meeting locations each week – except with the U3MT you can also write down activity goals for the week, what worked and what didn’t, all kinds of useful information!).

My next goal?  To actually keep this thing UP TO DATE!


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