It’s hard to “keep up with kate” when she never posts…

Maybe I should’ve chosen a different name.

While life has been extremely busy lately, it’s all been for good reasons.  The latest news?

1. I’m leading two (yeah, you read right…two!) Weight Watchers meetings now.  One of them is relatively small – but at my newest meeting, we had 47 members last week!  Craziness! 🙂

2. I recently turned in my resignation from an amazing high school where I’ve spent the last five years teaching.

3. What?!  You resigned?!

4. Oh…here’s why.  E and I are expecting our first baby due in August.  Eek.  Still can’t believe it.  We’re (just barely) past the halfway point and although I’ve seen the ultrasounds and packed on some pounds (we just won’t talk about that), I still don’t believe it.  Maybe once I start feeling some movement.  Although, there was some definite moving around in there today.  It’s just SO crazy to think there’s a human being in there.  A human being that will be our BABY.

5. For wondering minds – we’re not going to find out whether it’s a boy or a girl.  I want to be surprised. 🙂

6. Plans for next year?  I’ve applied a couple places doing teaching related things, but otherwise I plan on continuing with Weight Watchers and substituting (if these jobs fall through).  And helping out with the Farmer’s Market – which for some reason I’m really excited about!

7.  The main reason for resigning?  My current commute is an hour…1 way.  So I usually leave the house at around 6 AM and return…maybe around 6 PM (if I’m not leading a WW meeting, taking a class at the gym, or staying late to grade the mounds of papers I always have).  I love being a teacher.  But I know that I could not be the teacher my students deserve – or the teacher I want to be – while also being the mother I want to be.  And next fall (and for the rest of my life) being the best mother I can will be more important.  Hopefully when E graduates and we move to wherever we’ll end up I’ll once again be able to do what I do now!

Proof of our impending arrival…

Not what I'd call the cutest baby belly - but...it's definitely a belly that wasn't there before!

Excuse the messy counter...

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