Here we go again…Weigh-in Wednesday

One of my goals?  Get back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon.

As a leader, one would think that’d be easy.  Well, I’ll be the first to say – leaders are people too.  We don’t track every day.  We don’t always hit our points plus targets.  We need continued motivation and support just like everyone else.

And I’m starting this round of Weight Watchers from an entirely new perspective.  When I first joined Weight Watchers I was…just sad.  I was way too close (for my comfort) to having to buy my clothes in the “Women’s” department because I almost didn’t fit in clothes in the normal-people-sized department.  Now, I’m well aware that for some people – that’s nothing.  But I’ve had an awkward view of my weight my entire life.  I still don’t know where it stems from – perhaps because everyone else in my (immediate) family has never struggled with their weight?  Either way, I’ve always considered myself overweight – even when I very obviously wasn’t.

Hello high-school Kate – you were NORMAL!  Those people who are sticks?  Don’t compare yourself to them, they do not define what is normal!

Anyway, now I’m re-starting Weight Watchers from a totally different perspective.  I work for them, so there’s that.  But I’m also a new mom.  I know that I can get this weight off.  But I also know that it’s going to be entirely different from the last time around.  I’m breastfeeding now, so there’s the added consideration of not wanting to “diet” and effect my supply – gotta feed the little guy!  But there’s also the fact that, “AHH!  None of my clothes FIT!”  Ha, I know, nine months on, nine months off.  But, it’s frustrating when you have to get dressed for work and none of your work clothes fit.

So, I’ve begun tracking again.  And, to keep myself accountable – and also to really see how long this takes if I legit stay with the program, I’m going to post here every Wednesday night how I’ve done for the week.

Last week: +21

This week: – 3.2

Total loss: -3.2

17.8 until I’m at goal!

Unfortunately pre-pregnancy I was above goal by about 6 pounds.  (hangs head)  But it’s all out there now.  Can’t take it back.

I’ve just started tracking everything again – three days running.  Right now I’m experimenting – seeing if I can really eat as many points as Weight Watchers says I can (if you exclusively breastfeed you get more points) and still lose weight.  I’ve also started working out again (heck yeah!) and will give you more details on my crazy plans in that arena soon.

What have I gotten myself into?

Yes – I’m guilty of eating most of my points at night. But BOY was it delicious!

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