Truth-Time Thursday

Since I never weigh in on Wednesdays, Thursdays have become the new truth time.  And the results are in…

Last Week Time I Told the World Where I Was: +17.8

This Last Two Weeks: -3.8

Total Loss: -8.4

12.6 until I’m at goal!

Obviously something’s working. 🙂  And I’m one happy camper – when it comes to weight loss.  I wish I had more time to devote to running and less time to devote to grading papers…but I’m working on it.

My goal for the rest of my life (woah there, lofty goals today) is to not let myself become too stressed out by things I can control.  Last year when I quit my full-time job and the hubs and I figured out what I needed to make for us to survive until he graduates with his PhD…well, instead of making that…I’m making triple that.  And while that might seem nice to most people, to me it means I’m working too much.

Instead of spending my days off (Tuesdays and Thursdays) with my adorable, awesome, oh-so-cute, he’s-growing-up-too-fast son, I’m stressing about not getting enough graded and trying to claw my way out from underneath mounds of essays.  And really?  It’s not worth it.  I quit my full time job so I could be at home with my son.  And what am I doing?  Working full time as an adjunct professor at the local college teaching College Composition (or at least I’m told teaching 4 classes is considered full time at the college level).  Seriously.  Something’s wrong with me?

There’s really only a little over a month left (yay!).  Hopefully if I slow down next semester I can get back to the kind of teaching I enjoy.  And most of all?  Enjoy every second of spending time with my boy.

Speaking of him.  My mom and I went up to Minnesota over the last weekend for an impromptu trip to see my niece (and her parents of course) in their new digs.  She’s got a new job at the Mayo Clinic and I hadn’t seen the new farm they’re living on.  It makes me long for my husband to be done with grad school so we can “settle” down a little.  🙂  That’ll be nice.  In the meantime, I’m hanging on to pictures like this.

Henry and his daddy getting ready for his bath.

Henry and his daddy getting ready for his bath.

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