2013 Goals

Last years “resolution”?  Stop biting my fingernails.  After making this resolution for, oh…about four years now, I can say I’ve DONE IT!

ImageBlurry webcam photo – but they’re there!  I’ve had to cut them I don’t know how many times because it gets hard to type rather quickly.

My goals for 2013 include the following:

1. Stay relatively stress free.  I tend to overbook and overcommit myself.  My goal is to NOT let myself do that so I can fully enjoy my little Henry man.

2. Run 500 miles (or less than 10 miles a week).  I CAN do this.  I must do this.  so far this year I’ve done 2.15.  Little behind, but I’ll catch up!

3. Take a trip with my family.  I’d like to visit my brother and sister-in-law (well…soon to be!) in Colorado before we move ourselves, so that’s my goal.  Getting the husband to go on trips is somewhat difficult though.

4. Improve my teaching when it comes to teaching from afar.  I’m a good teacher when I’m in a regular brick-and-mortar classroom, but this new long distance teaching is different, and has different challenges.  I’m hoping to learn how to do this a bit better.

5. Get back to my goal weight!  I’m still weighing myself weekly, I just have been horrible about posting here.  Right now I’m back within my weight range for my height (per Weight Watchers guidelines), but I’d like to lose at least 5 more.  Getting back on the running bandwagon should definitely help that.

And now, I leave you with some pictures of my cutie-pie helping me prepare for my classes that start up next week.  Gosh darn it he’s cute!Image


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